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Meet Shelly Anderson

I have been making kiln-formed glass for 8 years, since studying glass & ceramics at Lincoln University. I enjoy experimenting with different techniques & inclusions to create a very varied collection of glass, including, bowls, wall-hangings, mats, door & window panels, as well as jewellery & Christmas decorations.

Kiln-formed glass has a glossy, tactile,often water-like quality; created by melting glass to it’s liquid state then stopping it in it’s tracks, by cooling it, so it keeps that ‘melted’ appearance.

I include metal elements, such as silver, copper & brass, which produce quite subtle colours. To create brighter pieces I add beads, millefiori & confetti glass.

I try to keep my work varied, by trying new things all the time. It’s always exciting when I open the kiln, as you never quite know how each piece will look.

Commissions are always available for anyone who would like something more specific for their home or a specially designed gift. By working with the customer I can produce something unique to them.


Contact Details:

Phone: 01526 834644

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