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I trade as Shedglas Design, but I am Cathi, and my occupation is working with stained glass. It covers several fields from making giftware, teaching and working on commissions for buildings.

In my introductory workshops I teach the basic traditions to make leaded and copper foil panels, and this is how I started, in a small village hall for one day. And I was hooked! All my career has been in the arts world, starting with a printmaking degree at college I later became involved with a silkscreen printing studio where we produced hand-crafted limited edition prints for artists and publishers.

I started my own paintings and sold these and the resulting print editions internationally, especially in Japan, which I visited several times.

When I discovered stained glass I was ready for something new and after spending some time developing my techniques and learning by much trial and error I decided to take the plunge and concentrate on just that field.

I knew I had to get out there, so I started taking stalls at craft events, and that is how I got involved with the Stamford Artisans Guild. Painting and printmaking can be rather insular worlds and I soon realised how much I enjoyed talking to people about my work and getting reactions, everything that you build upon.

Most of my commission work comes from people who I meet at these events and I love doing these commissions. The design work, the communication, sorting out problems, my creative side feeds upon all these and so I feel help me to continue going forward. By tackling new projects you learn all the time.

It was through these events that I started the introductory workshops, since so many people showed an interest. That is another new side of myself that I have discovered, that I enjoy teaching the subject. From the start I decided to keep the groups small so I can try to give everyone close attention through out the day.

I make various gift items to sell at the craft events, sun-catchers and mirrors, candle-boxes and necklaces, Christmas decorations when the time is right. I try to keep things moving. I always say that it is my way of playing, I want to keep enjoying it. And this is how I promote all the areas of Shedglas Design.

I have a website where there are details of workshops and events that I am attending. I think it is also so important to meet people face to face. I am selling my work, but I am also selling myself.

I am Shedglas Design.

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  • Hi, Thanks for your message, We have forwarded you message to Shedglas Design

  • sandra campbell-wardman

    would you be iterseted in Horncastle Christmas market, Dec 11th 11-4pm, stalls are £20 ,or bring your own £15. phone Sharon 01507 524595,

  • Erica Calvert


    I am the secretary of the Parents in Partnership committee at Corby Business Academy. We are a small body of around 8 parents who are working particularly hard to raise funds at the moment to support the wonderful music provision at CBA. Many of our students take up a musical instrument and go on to do very well in this area.

    So in order to raise the funds needed we are planning various events over the coming 18months but initially we are planning a large craft fair in Corby Town Centre. The event will take place on May 21st, 9am—4pm, and there will be a brass band playing and some of the students will be present to meet and greet customers. Face painting and children’s activities too…it promises to be a great day!

    We are currently taking bookings for stallholders at a cost of £25 per table. We will supply the table and chairs – you just need to come along and set out your wares!

    If you are interested, please contact me and I can send over the booking form, or call me on 01536 763430.

    Many thanks

    Erica Calvert

  • Thanks Alex,
    We have informed Helen about your message.

  • Alex

    Hi Cathi

    We are holding a Covent Garden style market in Oakham (Rutland) on Saturday 2 July between 11 am and 3pm. as part of Oakham Festival.
    All the pitches are free but we are asking stall holders to provide there own tables.
    There are limited stalls available, but we would love it if Shedglass design would hold a stall. Would you be interested?

    If you require any more information, please email.

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