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Tell us a little bit about what you do.  

My name is Shalini and in partnership with my husband Dave Austin I run an Artisan Jewellery, Lapidary & Wire Sculpture business from our home in Stamford, Lincolnshire. I make wire & semi-precious gemstone jewellery. My favourite medium is Wire. I really enjoy playing with different types of wire and letting it take its own course when I start wrapping it around a stone or bead. My husband Dave & I also make Wire Sculpture trees and cut and polish some of the gemstones used in our jewellery.  Copper in different forms, including recycled pipes, is slowly being added to my work.

One of the First Pieces of Wire Sculpture jewellery I made!

How did it all start?  

I once bought a necklace in Peterborough and then said that it was often so difficult to get something special & unique at a reasonable price. I am from India where beautiful individually hand-crafted jewellery is available to buy to suit any budget and I was quite used to indulging in my love for bling! 

Dave said, “You could do that! Why don’t you make your own?” At that time (2007) I did not even know how to hold pliers properly! He bought me a set of jewellery making tools,  a couple of on-line basic wire work courses and some beads for my birthday and I was hooked! I fell in love with wire and enjoyed what I could create with it. And then we started exploring Lapidary so we could cut and polish our own stones. From then on it has been a self taught journey which we are both enjoying immensely.  Jewellery by Shalini  was officially launched on 1st November 2008.

What do you enjoy most about what you do? 

It’s relaxing and I am always learning new things. And the fact that my husband enjoys doing this too so we can make things together and bounce ideas off each other. He cuts and polishes most of the stones (lets me play with his machines sometimes…) But then I let him make some jewellery too!

What motivates you? What inspires you? 

The support I have received from my family,  friends and customers is all the motivation I need. The smile on a customer’s face when they wear one of my creations gives me all the encouragement I need to carry on making. It is the greatest boost for my creative process.

Bespoke St. Helena Rock Pendants

What frustrates you? 

Lack of understanding from some people about the true value of hand-made items. I (and other artisans like me) put in a lot of effort and time in creating my pieces and I know I am good at what I do. But because a lot of us sell at local craft fairs people expect to pay nothing for our work, yet are happy to go into a high street chain store and pay a lot of money for some mass produced,  poorly finished items.

How do you promote your work? 

I mainly use social media (face book,  twitter,  blogs etc) and via my website. I do get a lot of word of mouth business and I thank everyone who has referred a friend or family member to me. I hope I have been able to create something to their satisfaction too!

I have an on-line showroom and I sell at local craft markets. A small selection of jewellery can be seen at The Tourist Office shop at Stamford Arts Centre.

Any plans for expanding the business? I would LOVE to have a bricks and mortar shop one day…

memories necklace 1

Coin necklace: Pennies Flame painted to give them a beautiful colourful Patina

What is the most important thing on your wish-list for your craft? 

More time! To make more jewellery and definitely more time to spend on the Lapidary side of things. I love the time spent playing with semi precious gemstones and pebbles, cutting, shaping and polishing a piece of rock to reveal its natural beauty.

Any advise you would like to give upcoming makers of your particular craft? 

Keep at it! You have to keep trying and keep learning all the time. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advise from other people who make jewellery.

Any thoughts you would like to share with all fellow crafters?  

Believe in yourself and your talent!  I come across a lot of makers who never compliment each other and often give a cold shoulder to other artisans at craft fairs & events. Why? Don’t you have faith in your talent to make a name for yourself? Are you that insecure? Putting someone else down is not going to make you more successful. Co-operation will. We all have our own styles and we all work hard at it so there is no need to dismiss other people’s work! There is room for everyone!

Jewellery By Shalini Autumn Tree

My Husband and I also make Wire Sculpture trees. We accept commissions for trees i different sizes upto 3 Feet, for both indoor and outdoor display.

If you wanted to expand your set of skills or learn a new craft what would it be?  

I would love to learn more about precious metal clay work. When I have some time that is the next plan! If  I had to learn a whole new craft I think it would be weaving. Everyone knows me and yarn do not get on very well. Can’t knit, crochet or sew! Maybe weaving would be a better way for us to appreciate each other!

Tell us about any craft events, exhibitions etc you are doing in the next 12 months. 

The Stamford Artisans Guild Fairs at the Stamford Arts Centre & Oakham Castle dates are confirmed and I will be at all of them. As I book more it will show on my website.

Do you sell through any retail outlets? 

Only at The Tourist Office Shop at The Stamford Arts Centre at this time.

If any local shops in Stamford, Peterborough, Oakham and surrounding areas  would like to stock my work they are most welcome to get in touch via my website.

My Website:  (It’s best to contact me via the website or leave a message on this page). 

I also have a facebook page where more pretty pictures and rambling can be found. There is always twitter with my random thoughts about everything or my blog 

Anything else you’d like to share?  Be Kind and Empathise.  And Look after yourself because if you don’t you won’t be in any position to look after or help others.

And something I read on a poster a long time ago “Live for Today… Plan for tomorrow… Party Tonight!;-)


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